Truelove Reflective Harness Vest


The Truelove Reflective Harness Vest is designed to make your regular walks with your furry friend a stress-free experience!

Great for furry friends in training or those who need extra encouragement when using the leash, this will give your friend plenty of freedom of motion while leaving the ultimate control to you.

Now you can finally get that relaxed feeling while you and your furry friend are out on a stroll!

  • Comfortable fit: Features no choke design which is a great solution for hard pullers, as well as the elderly. Its wide, padded design evenly distributes the pressure to avoid them from getting hurt or choked when the leash is tugged.

  • Reflective properties: Designed to reflect ambient light in extremely low light conditions, providing maximum visibility when needed the most.

  • Stainless steel O-ring leash attachment: With O-ring leash attachment that helps deter your friend from pulling by redirecting their attention back to you without straining their neck.

  • 4 fully adjustable straps: For a more comfortable, secure, and perfect fitting.