Six Grid Timing Pet Feeder

“Dinner is served” - automatically
Enjoy the ultimate convenience of automatically feeding your pets at the right time, especially when you are away from home. It has six grids to store food portions. You can set the opening of each grid at six different meal times.
The timer works with six alarms across 24 hours. At each time interval, the grid opens and an alarm goes off, alerting your pet to the feed time.
The feeder is made using ABS Plastic and stainless steel. All food-grade materials are used in the construction of this feeder. 
You can easily turn the timers on or off with a single button. The digital display shows timers and other functions clearly.
  • Food-grade Plastic and Stainless-steel Build
  • Six Feeding Grids Separated From Each Other
  • Suitable for Both Cats and Dogs