Reversible Pet Car Seat Cover

Zip up this car seat cover to create a pet box where your fur baby can be safe and secure as you drive, or fully open it so it can completely cover and protect your car seat. No need to worry about your precious pet’s safety in your car as you’ll be confident that they’ll be safe and comfortable in your vehicle.
Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, this seat cover will keep your car free of mud stains, scratches, shed fur, and other particles. You’ll be surprised at how long the cover will last!
Adjustable back straps help secure it to the seat so that it stays in place and doesn’t shift. It’s also easy to install and remove.
A pocket on the seat cover’s backrest is perfect for storing your pet’s leash, toys, and other small items.

  • 2-in-1 Seat Cover and Booster
  • Wear-Resistant
  • Strap Buckles for Easy Adjustment
  • Leather Accents for Extra Durability