Rechargeable Bark Stopper


Eliminate nuisance barking with this efficient training collar! 

This safe and harmless bark stopper comes with three training modes: mild vibration, regular vibration, and beep.

You can alternate between these training modes to create the perfect combination of motion and sound to deter your pet’s excessive barking without causing harm.

Being able to choose which training mode to use allows you to customize your dog’s training needs.

The vibration intensity level is adjustable so you can ensure training can be both effective yet safe for your dogs.

With just 2 hours of charging, the receiver can last for up to a week of standby time while the remote can last for a month before it drains.

The collar can extend up to a length of 60 cm so it can be used even as your dog grows. 

  • Waterproof/rainproof
  • Adjustable
  • Automatic power saving
  • Suitable for various dog sizes