Rechargeable Glowing Pet Ball


Keep your pet active and healthy

This jumping ball can be used for everyday playtime or training your dog.

It can easily roll on carpets, which pets enjoy a lot. The ball has an integrated collision sensor. It makes the ball jump or roll back from obstacles, keeping them safe. The sensor provides 360 degrees scrolling.

The outer shell is made of food-grade silicone and ABS. This provides resistance from scratches and wear. The inner layer is composed of hardened ABS, providing rigidity suitable for pets. It's also waterproof, making them safe for water play or bathing. 

It's rechargeable and compatible with any 5V USB charger. It takes 1 hour to completely charge the ball for 5 hours of playtime.

The charge indicators always show the battery status. On 30 minutes of inactivity, the ball will automatically enter sleep mode. The power button is concealed in the inner layer, making it even safer.  

  • Food-grade ABS Plastic and Silicone

  • 68mm in diameter

  • Wear and Scratch resistant

  • Waterproof, IP67

  • Safe and reliable

  • Multicolour options

  • Easy scroll on grass, carpet, and smooth surfaces