Pet Water Fountain


Fresh & Clean Water All-the-Time/Keep your Dog Hydrated All-the-Time 

The water dish for your doggie in the backyard is always a hassle. It is difficult to always keep it filled, more than that it's more troublesome to keep the water clean from all sorts of contamination. Free yourself from all such worries with this outdoor pet water fountain.
The fountain is designed to easily keep your dogs hydrated any time of the day. The fountain can be connected to any tap or hose for consistent supply. There is a 41” hose and splitter already fitted to the fountain, which can be conveniently connected to any extensions or taps directly.
The simple mechanism is activated when the dog steps on the pressure plate marked with a paw. The dog’s weight depresses the spring, which in turn releases a fresh and cool stream of water.
The fountain is made with heavy gauge stainless steel coated with thick layers of paint to make it corrosion resistant. The high-tension spring is all made with hardened stainless steel. This simple package is durable and most easy to operate. With this simple solution, your dog will always have a fresh running water supply.
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel build
  • Simple operation
  • Ease of attachment to a water source
  • 2-way hose splitter included
  • Durable pad and spring mechanism
  • Constant water supply