Pet Guardrails


Convenient Car Guardrails for Dogs

If you are driving with your dog in busy traffic or on a highway, then it could be dangerous. With sudden braking, the puppy might get thrown in front, or if the naughty one suddenly jumps in the front seat then that could cause an accident.
With the Pet Guardrails, you can easily avoid any such mishaps. The guardrail is made of strong polyester fabric and mesh and isolates the dog in the back seat. The convenient size covers all the area from floor to headrest, covering the console area from the rear. This simple solution provides strong protection to your dogs riding in the back seat of the car.
  • Polyester Fabric / Mesh
  • Size: 46 X 69 cm
  • Easy installation
  • Metallic and plastic hooks/clips to hold it in place
  • Suitable for almost every car