Pet Carrier Backpack

Bring your pet wherever you go
This carrier backpack is designed to carry small to medium size pets. Its adjustable neck hole allows your pet to be comfortable as you take a stroll, visit the vet or bring your furry friend on adventures.
The design, along with its breathable mesh fabric, ensures the carrier is well ventilated.
To safely secure your pet, the carrier features a security leash that will prevent them from jumping out of the backpack. A waist buckle prevents the backpack from shifting.
There are also side pockets for small items like a leash, pet toys and more.
Perfectly fits most cats, small dogs and other small pets. Choose the larger size to easily carry your medium size fur baby.


  • Built-in Safety Buckle and Leash
  • Breathable Material
  • Provides Good Airflow
  • Adjustable Neck Hole
  • Available in Different Colors and Sizes