Litter Catcher Waterproof Mat

$64.95 $83.95

Tired of sweeping up the litter and buying new mats?

Worry no more! Our Litter Catcher Waterproof Mats are economically priced to save you money and cleaning time!

These rubberized mats collect your fur baby's litter before it scatters throughout your home. It has a soft and flexible surface that cleans litter from the paws of your fur baby as it steps out of the litter box.

Easy-to-clean and durable, you will definitely save your wallet and your house from all the hassle and mess! 

  • Safe for your pet: The mat is made up of EVA that has a smooth texture which is made comfortable for your pet's paws.

  • Functional design: With its waterproof feature, non-slip bottom, and rubberized surface, you will no longer have to worry about the mess around the house or near the litter box. 

  • Multiple-use: Not only is it used for the paws but it also acts as an underliner for your furry friend's litter box. With its soft and comfortable material, you can also use this as a feeding or sleeping mat.

  • Easy to Clean: Just simply open the mat and pour out contents that were caught inside the mat and it's ready to be used again!

  • Easy to Store: With its lightweight and durable design, storage will never be a problem.