Grooming Glove


Our Grooming Glove is a very effective alternative to grooming brushes for removing dirt, dander, and losing hair from your furry friend's coats.

It is designed to comfortably fit the shape of your hand and fingers, resulting in a gentle massage and grooming that your friend will appreciate.

With this very nifty tool, you will surely massage your way to your paw friend's heart!

  • Hair cleaning: This can be used as a cleaning brush to remove loose hair, dirt, and clean over-all fur especially when bathing, combing, and brushing your fur baby.
  • Healthy blood circulation: With the gentle strokes that this glove can do, it will improve your fur baby's blood circulation.
  • Massaging: A great thing is as you comb through the fur, you are also pampering and massaging your furry friend. 
  • Adjustable: It's also made comfortable for humans to wear the glove as the Velcro strap around the wrist is easy to adjust to your preference and this even dries fast when washed.
  • Skin-friendly material: The front of the glove is made up of soft rubber, that gives off a smooth and caressing feeling to your furry friend, while the back is made up of durable and breathable mesh that's made comfortable for you.