Collapsible House Pet Tunnel


Our furry friends by nature are investigative and like poking about in new places. Clearly, this made our Collapsible House Pet Tunnel a surefire hit among paw parents!

Its cozy and secluded corners give them a sense of security where they can totally be themselves – further increasing their level of exercise while stimulating their mind.

With our selection of bight colored tunnels, you will surely give your place that happy and healthy vibe!

  • Multi-functional: Provides entertainment and security for your cat. It can be used as a playground or as a hiding spot which your furry friend will surely love!

  • Durable, high-quality, and non-toxic material: Made with high-quality and environmentally friendly polyester material that is completely safe for your fur baby.

  • Promotes exercise and good discipline: Can be used as a ground for agility and obedience training.

  • Indoor or outdoor use: With material that adapts to any weather, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Portable and easy to clean: Lightweight and collapsible, it is convenient to carry anytime anywhere with your fur baby. Spot clean only with a dry or damp cloth and it’s good!