Catapult Pet Feeder

$24.95 $37.95

Fun catapult pet feeder for a combination of play and treats!

This catapult feeder Is perfect for combining both praises and play into one!

Made to place treats that can be catapulted for your pet to chase, this feeder is perfect for helping to train your bud with their retrieval and recall.

The prize of a treat will allow your dog or cat to learn how to chase and come back for more, gradually learning how to chase balls or retrieve various other items!

The handy wrist strap allows you to hold this feeder comfortably when out for long travels or long training hours.

Not to mention, this feeder allows your companion to increase their daily exercise intake as they now have a fun motive! Gradually they will get better and better at wanting to get moving.
  • Catapult design

  • Wrist trap

  • Increased playtime

  • Size: 19cm x 11cm x 3cm