Cat Sleeping Bag


This warm and gentle bed will provide your pet with the sweetest of sleep all year round! A soft and thickened semi-enclosed design will allow your pet to relax after a long hard day of playtime.

With a variety of sizes, you can provide your tiny friend or gentle giant the great gift of relaxation. This bed will provide a cool and comfortable feel that will not leave your pet warm and restless during their nap time.

Enjoy an easily washable bed that can be used multiple times through all 4 seasons.

Your pet will thank you after they get a taste of this tranquil and blissful bed! The comforting encased design will keep them feeling safe whenever they want.

  • Soft thickened fleece

  • Easy to wash

  • Durable

  • Long-lasting

  • Promotes relaxation and de-stressing.

  • All season uses

  • Size S: 45x30cm

  • Size M: 55x40cm

  • Size L: 65 x 50cm