Cat Nest Mat


Nothing could match the quality of sleep your kitty will experience with this bed. Mainly made with super comforting plush material, your buddy will dwell in a soft and warm environment that will send them to a realm of bliss.

This bed is easily washable and can easily fold into a bed that can hug the contours of your kittens’ body for universal use.

With a large design, this bed is accessible to cats big or small. They can enjoy the rectangular shape that they can love for an exceptionally long time, as it is designed to be sustainable with exceedingly long use.


  • Suitable for all cats

  • Foldable to suit your cats’ shape

  • Bed and mat in 1

  • Easily washable

  • Long-lasting

  • Size: 61 cm x 51 cm, about 38 * 38cm when folded into a bed