Anti-Splash Non slip Pet Bowl

$34.95 $44.95

Stop your pup from spilling their mess with this non-slip bowl!

Make snack time a calm and collected event with this silicone anti-clip bowl that will take your pups food directly to their mouth without the excess mess!

Does your pet get frantic when their food is placed in front of them? No problem! This bowl will keep your canine and home mess-free. The bowl is designed to not move a muscle.

Designed to hold treats and water, this bowl will not only be the perfect addition for a cleaner home, but it will give your pooch the food it needs in an easy and controlled way.

The silicone material will ensure that your floors will not be scratched at all!

  • FDA food Grade

  • Anti-slip design

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable

  • Material: silicone

  • Size: length 26cm width 22.5cm bowl height 3.8cm