All-Purpose Dog Walker

Easily walk two dogs with this All-Purpose Dog Walker
Use this all-purpose dog walker with a double-headed leash to handle two dogs at the same time. Since the head rotates 360 degrees, the ropes don’t get tangled. Each rope is 3 meters and controlled independently, with the help of a push-button.
You can use both ropes simultaneously or one at a time. The rope is easily retracted automatically.
The ropes are made from high-density reflective nylon web, jacquard and screen prints, while the head and handles are made with ABS Plastic. All materials are environmental and pet friendly.
You also get an LED light and a small compartment within the assembly which doubles as a garbage bag dispenser.
  • Sturdy Build
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Double-headed Leash
  • Auto-Retractable Ropes
  • Built-in Led Flashlight