All-in-One Dog Leash

One leash to control them all
Control your pooch with this all-in-one dog leash that’s made with sturdy materials and doubles as a traction rope, that helps release pressure on the dog’s neck.
One end is retractable, which helps keep the dog at a comfortable distance when walking or running. This sturdy nylon leash can be attached to a dog’s collar with a metallic snap.
to provide better control at the other end, a retractable part is fixed to a strap-on grip. It also has a built-in LED for better visibility during night walks.
  • Sturdy Nylon Material
  • 3 Meters Long, Suitable for Most Dogs
  • Retractable Adjustment
  • Traction Rope for Better Comfort
  • Led Light and Strap-on Grip for Better Comfort and Control