Interactive Dental Chew Ball

$14.95 $19.95

This Interactive Dental Chew Ball effectively helps clean the teeth of your furry friend while being entertained.
The bristles massage the gums and tongue which reduces dental plaque and tartar breeding, thus preventing a variety of oral diseases.
Get this game-changing product now and help eliminate your special friend's boredom while promoting good oral hygiene!
  • Non-toxic materials: Made out of non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural rubber materials which makes it totally safe for your friend to bite on.

  • Promotes good oral hygiene: Designed as a dental chew toy, it also prevents plaque buildup, reduces tartar, and enhances your friend’s oral and dental health.

  • Keeps your friend healthy and stimulated: Bond with your furry friend by putting some treats in the central hole or sawtooth part and play toss and catch, highly increasing your friend’s intelligence. It's also perfect for busy pet owners who are on the go!

  • Multi-functional: When you have this, you get a chew toy, gum massager, brain teaser ball, and teeth cleaning toy, all-in-one.

  • Durable: Bite resistant and durable enough for long term use.

  • Easy to clean: Just put under running water and clean with a toxin-free soap and brush stick.