Personalised No-Pull Dog Harness

$29.95 $59.90

Make your relationship with your furry friend more special with our Personalised No Pull Dog Harness!

By simply providing us your best friend's name and your contact number, you will help create an extra level of protection for your fur baby! 

The no-pull design drastically reduces the pulls your dog tends to do all the while distributing the pressure evenly along the body, giving you more control.

Compared to regular collars, this harness reduces the risk of a neck injury, respiratory problems, and tracheal collapses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please provide your dog's name and your contact number (optional) in the boxes provided to personalise your harness! Thank you!

Stainless steel D-Ring for leashes - Virtually non-breakable

Fully customisable - Velcro Patch on both sides 

Quick-release buckle - Easy to put on and take off

Breathable and lightweight material - Gives your pup a more comfortable experience

Adjustable strapAdjust to perfect fit for extra comfort.

Durable nylon handle - Better control and training

3M reflective strap - High visibility during the night