Personalised No-Pull Dog Harness 2.0


Enjoy control and comfort with this No-Pull Dog Harness

This dog harness gives you complete control while keeping your beloved pet comfortable. The ergonomic design is perfect for both human handling and ideal fit for any dog, big or small.

The nylon harness is quoted with knitted reflective fabric for better visibility at night. You also get name tags in two sizes.

The soft training handle and D-ring buckle keeps the dog secure while minimizing pain when it rushes. Moreover, the variable sizes with adjustable fitting straps provide a comfortable fit even as your dog grows.

  • 100% High-quality Nylon Material Providing Durability
  • Variable Sizes
  • Adjustable Fitting Straps
  • Ergonomically Designed for Longer Use
  • Vest Type Harness Suitable for All Breeds

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please provide your dog's name and your contact number (optional) in the boxes provided to personalise your harness! Thank you!